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Welcome to our Diesel Section!



 In this section you can find information on various Diesel & HDi (High pressure Diesel Injection) components.


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HDi Diesel Pumps


French Diagnostic Services have several HDi Diesel Pumps in stock to fit the 1.4 HDi, 1.6 HDi, 2.0 HDi, 2.2 HDi Engines - Bosch, Delphi or Siemens, either new or used with warranty. 

The Bosch diesel pump has a diesel pressure regulator fixed to the pump, usually with two T30 torx bolts. This component regulates the volume of fuel going to the fuel pressure rail - You can buy this part seperatley on the Bosch unit.



HDi Injectors

HDi injectors for all models in stock both new and used with flame washers. Special tools are needed to remove the injectors out of the cylinder head. A leak back testing kit can be used on the vehicle in situ to monitor the amount of diesel being sent back to the fuel tank when cranking the engine.