BG Engine Clean / Fuel Saving Service starting from £300


Want to save money on your fuel bill? we offer a engine clean using BG products.

Combusted fuel relaease carbon. This carbon will deposit on critical components of the fuel system and affect power, emissions & MPG.

Having the engine clean will remove fuel system deposit & restore MPG & effiency.

Over time oil  in the engiine oxidises & degrades, the old oil produces sludge which will eventually restricts pistin ring function.

Piston rings are critical to protecting emissions devices such as DPF's as well as key to creating compression. reducing compression robs the engine of economy & performance.

Using the compression restoration flush removes old contaminated oil & sludge so restoring power & MPG thus saving you money. 

Protects & restores efficeiency to:

- EGR Valve


- Catalytic Convertor

- Fuel Injectors

Will also increase you MPG

Different treatments used depending on wether you have a Petrol or Diesel