FAP/DPF Filter - Particulate Filter


What Is it?

The Particle Filter is an additional filter fitted in the exhaust system that is designed to filter out harmful soot particles from the exhaust gases and help protect the environment.

The Particle Filter is fitted exclusively to diesel engines, and reduces emissions of such particles to below the Euro V emissions regulation coming into place in 2009 of 5mg per km.

Soot particles are collected in the Particle Filter and eliminated periodically by automatic regeneration.


What is regeneration?

It is the process of removing the accumulated soot in the FAP. Soot builds up in the filter and at a certain point combusts in the high temperature. This causes less environmental damage by significantly reducing exhaust emissions, without affecting the smooth running of the car.

This innovative solution is not suitable for vehicles which are soley used in urban areas, where cars move at slow speed and frequently have to stop and start, but it is equally well suited to other conditions. The system is activated as soon as a sufficient quantity of soot is detected in the filter and the engine is warm enough. Unlike conventional systems, there is no minimum driving speed or journey length required to activate the regeneration process, however the regeneration process needs to complete its cycle to reduce the excess soot which has been collected which will require a driving speed to be maintained dependant on the conditions.



Unlike other solutions available on the market, the regeneration process no longer depends on vehicle speed, engine speed or journey length.

The system works:

- Even when the vehicle is stationary or the engine is idling

- On a fully transparent basis in terms of consumption

- With unchanged acoustics: regeneration is a silent process

- With no change to oil change intervals

- Minimal maintenance: the service life of the filter is equal to that of the car


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